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What Are Box Beams?

Box beams are an easy to install alternative for any type of project, be it residential, commercial or otherwise. They are often called faux beams, or hollow beams, due to the fact that their core is hollow. They weigh substantially less and are easier to install than traditional solid timber elements. Box beams are flexible in their designs and have the same look, texture and feel as full timber frames.
Box Beams are a quick and easy way to add the warmth and texture of natural wood to any new build, or renovation. Additionally, box beams can also be used as cladding to cover existing posts or beams.

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Pre-assembled, ready to install hollow timber beams made to your specifications

Cover unsightly construction-grade beams or posts with ready-to-install cladding panels - quick and easy assembly.

Full timber mantles or shelves made to your colour, texture and size specifications.

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